Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sarajevo, Summer 2015.

Bas carsija

As well as the three previous times and this was a short visit to Sarajevo.
I will always regret that this beautiful city I didn't visit at the time when we lived in the same country, because from that time I listen to the stories  how it was hospitable, how it was a small Yugoslavia, how all the nations and nationalities as well religions were represented in Sarajevo and how they all lived in mutual respect and harmony. They celebrated everything and no one was thinking about who is who.

Then started that terrible war that raged all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo was under the siege for months, people lived through all the horrors of war. That had to leave a mark on the people as well as to the town.
But I don't want to talk about it. If you ask me, Sarajevo is still a beautiful place where I always feel welcomed. People make the city, they suffered a lot but I don't have feeling that the war succeeded to kill warmth wich mekes them recognizable.
I didn't want to bother myself with some tourist routes like visits to the museums and so on, I just wanted to relax and enjoy the city.

I felt nice while I was walking througt the old streets and tasteing the Bosnian specialties, and particularly  I enjoyed ona Source of the river Bosnia in the part of town called Iliđa.
I really like this city, I'll be back there again, and then  maybe I'll have more details to share with you, but for now just enjoy the images.

Kiss to everyone, I love you!

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