Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Hungarian Goulash

Recently I was in Hungary and my wish was to have a good, original hot Hungarian goulash.
However, as everywhere all became money and commerce so famous Hungarian goulash is no longer what it was, or what I thought it was.
That's why I decided to buy a spicy red paprika, and I mean very spicy, and make the atmosphere of a real Hungarian cuisine at my home.
Actually I've never knew a true recipe for goulash; I was looking for it on the Internet, in cookbooks that I got home .... everywhere was different written. So I decided to take from all a little bit and make a "my" goulash mix.

I used:
30 dkg of beef
1 large onion
3 dcl mashed tomatoes
3 dcl red wine
vegetable cube
2 tablespoons sweet paprika
hot paprika (carefully-according to your taste)
parsley, garlic, salt, pepper

Meat and onion fry in oil together, then add all the ingredients as it is written: mashed tomatoes, wine, vegetable cube sweet paprika, hot paprika, salt, pepper, garlic.
Altogether cook over low heat, the longer the better,  at least one hour.
Serve the other day. Yummy, delicious. You can serve it with boiled potatoes, which is my favorite choice, but I say again, it may be something else according to your wishes.
Imagine me eating spicy goulash, u, a, is there a bit of  bread, quick, give me... u, a, spicy....spicy!

Bon appetite!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Szamoz Gourmet Palace

A few pictures are not enough to conjure up experience of sweet delicacies that are offered at this restaurant. We accidentally discovered it and returned back for more each day, twice a day. Since we practically lived off sweets, this time we didn't try  the famous Hungarian goulash; "sweet sin" OMG who needs goulash.
The service and staff are excellent. Prices are very reasonable.
It was a hot summer weather even though it was October and we were sitting outside, but when I went to the rest room I saw the interior of the cafe, beautiful, clean, neat... really  gentlemanly.

                   I recommend!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hilton Budapest Hotel - Castle distirict

view from room

Perfect hotel in Buda. This is,'t the first time that I was placed in it. I was here seven years ago and it's equally beautiful and perfect today as it was then. The rooms are exceptional, I had a view of Pest and Fishemrmen's bastion, beautiful. And what to say about neatness and cleanliness, service, stuff..... great. Breakfast is excellent, the staff extremely friendly ... I have no complaints, I am writing this just to persuade you to choose this hotel when you decide to go to Budapest. Perfect!


coffee and tea