Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hotel Regente

Hotel Regente
It's neither the best nor the most luxurious hotel where I was, even my room seemed more modest than three stars, but the position is more than excellent. The truth is that everything is neat and clean. The staff is quite correct with the small exception of a lady who works on seating arrangements for the breakfast, she is very strict. Smiiiile, she's not so bad! Breakfast was just fine, but above all I said, the location is unbeatable.  

All major attractions of Madrid are in a short distance from the hotel. Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Museums, Park Retiro.......all that you can visit in the light walk, especially if you go to Madrid in the period when it's not summer. Unfortunately we ran into the Madrid heat, it was very hot we hardly hold out, and yet we managed to see a lot.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Church

Always get back.Why?

For the fourth time in Dublin and something new, I discovered Church, not an ordinary church but a restaurant / cafe / bar Church, yes exactly as you've just read. Practical reuse of spaces that once was used for the religious purposes and today serves as a place for relaxation, eating, hanging out with friends. Very interesting and unusual. At first I was surprised but later, I admit, I liked it, especially when I realized that they serve my favorite cake, cheese cake!


I definitely recommend!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Dublin Forever

For the fourth time in Dublin, but this time, in a way, forever. I fell in love in Dublin on my first visit. I felt a strong connection with this city and the whole Ireland , and 10 years after, forever Dublin.
I will not talk about the reasons, I'm not going to write or describe much, but I'll tell you just one thing, I left my heart there.