Friday, 21 May 2010


If you ever decide to travel to Brussels I would recommend you a day trip to Antwerp. I do not want to impose anything to anyone, but I would suggest you a program that we had prepared before our visit to the city just in case you decide to do the same.
There are many trains during whole day departure from Brussels to any place in Belgium.
So we took a train for 12 € for round trip.

The main square buildings are decorated with gold as other Belgian squares where there is a big beautiful fountain that spills directly into the pavement.

Church of St. Jacob has the richest interior also known by the fact that the tomb of famous Belgian painter Rubens is there. The entrance to the church is 2 €.

We wanted to visit Maritime Museum, but since it renovated we couldn't achieve it. But we shouldn't regret, we'll see it next time when we get to Antwerp! Time we planed for visiting that museum, we spent for a pleasant walk along river Schelde.
I recommend!

A walk tired us pretty and we decided to take a brake for a lunch.
After an abundant meal, we slowed the rhythm of our sightseeing and went to the church of St. Paul. Once there, beautiful scenery. Holidays for body and soul!
The beauty of the court and the church simply left me breathless. The church interior is full magnificent values. Feeling of bliss was swept me and my soul, indescribable! It's hard for me to describe with words. My first thought was this is for the die of BEAUTY! I will try, over the images, to share with you part of my experience!

There is beautiful and an impressive 18th-century Calvary, with more than 60 life size figures (next to the church corner).

The organ dates back to the 17th century but has repeatedly been restored and enlarged.

Saint Paul’s Church was part of a vast Dominican cloister. It was consecrated in 1571 as a replacement for a previous house of worship. After the fire of 1679, a new baroque tower was built. The magnificent interior comprises more than 50 paintings by famous Antwerp masters such as Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaen. Over 200 sculptures, baroque altars and carved church furnishings.

I hardly said goodbye to the church of Saint Paul that is undoubtedly left on me deep impression.
Rubens house was our next aim. But we were late, it was closing time. The last visitors were entering, and we kissed the door. But without complaining.
I know that I'll be back here !!!!!!!!

Entrance to the Rubens house.

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