Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dubrovnik, St. Blaise's day

Dubrovnik, a city so many things have been written and known about that I really don't know what else (that's actually new) I could add. I will at least try to show you the atmosphere by showing you few pictures from the city that is celebrating the day of their protector St. Blaise on 3th of February 1038th time. That ceremony has been done in the same way which has been described in many texts, so I wouldn't like to bother anyone with it much. However I would like to recommend to anyone that is visiting Dubrovnik at that time to watch it from the city walls that are surrounding the old center. A 2 km long walk and a lot of breathtaking sights.

Swarm of people, colorful flags that are being carried in the ceremony along with relics of St. Blaise, beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, made by human hand centuries ago, simply leave you breathless. A city that was named ''The Adriatic pearl'' so long ago, is just as the name says. The respect for the saint protector is simply amazing. Believers, non believers, it doesn't really matter, St. Blaise is respected by all without exceptions. It's tradition that never died and judging by so many people coming to the ceremony, never will. I'm convinced it will last as long as Dubrovnik is standing, forever.

Visit Dubrovnik!!!!

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