Saturday, 17 July 2010

Stefan Milenkovich and Edin Karamazov in Rector's palace in Dubrovnik

Tonight at the atrium of Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik two magnificent musicians held a concert that will remain in the memory to all who were present for a long time.
Today in Dubrovnik a temperature of 43 ° C was recorded which made performing, even sitting and listening, quite difficult so again I have to praise these two performers who have managed to impress the audience.
The audience was looking for more and after three repetitions it was time to let them to rest.
God give us more moments like these!


Terry Riley:
Cantos desiertos
Cancion desierto
Tango ladeado

Béla Bartók:
Romanian folk dance
Jocul cu bâtă
Pe loc
Poarga Româneasca


Ravi Shankar:
The Enchanted Dawn

Astor Piazzolla:
Histoire du tango
Bordel 1900
Night-club 1960

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