Monday, 13 September 2010

Prague, part 1

My family had strong ties with the Czech Republic during the twenties and thirties. They lived well and travels were part of their lives. From that time my grandmother, who died seventeen years ago, kept her postcards which were sent to her by friends, brothers, and even herself when she was abroad, from all over the world. So I found this beautiful old postcards of Prague from the thirties of last century. They are indeed a true witness of its time.

Prague panorama

View of the Hradčany
Wilson's monument

Wenceslas Square and National Musum

This was my fifth visit to Prague. Golden Prague as it is called indeed rightly deserve its name.
The first time I was there in 1991. after the departure of Russian troops from the Czech Republic. It was a sight of a sad and shabby city, although below that appearance could discerned all its beauty and splendor that once existed. It was not conquered or broken.

The second time I came in 1995. It was my first exit from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik which was four years burdened by a war and all the bad things that war brings. Since then Dubrovnik was very poorly connected to the world, I remember that it was a long and exhausting journey. This city, after all the suffering I've been through, embraced me as friend and I had a feeling like a new light was entering into my life.

1997. was my third visit. The old grandeur and the beauty was little by little returning. Facades were restoring, the works on the streets and buildings were in full swing. Prague was returning to life and to its rightful place. It became again the heart of Europe.

In 2004. when I came again the change for the better was so visible that I could no longer compare with what I found when I was there for the first time.

Today, in 2010. it is a metropolis, full of vibrancy, people, life, modern shops, good organized nightlife. For all lovers of music, theater, culture in general Prague is real treat.
Let's walk together through this wonderfull city!