Monday, 23 May 2011

Berlin 1

I returned from Berlin and it took me some time to sort out the impressions that I gathered during my seven days staying in this city. I must admit that, while I was preparing for a meeting with Berlin, I had high expectations but I returned home a little bit disappointed.
There is no doubt, the city is beautiful. Large, spacious, roomy, full of museums, works of art of inestimable value, numerous cultural events.., but somehow without the charm, I'd dare to say a bit cold and inaccessible.
People are the ones who make the city, but residents of Berlin haven't left friendly impression on me. This is definitely the city where I couldn't live but to be honest it should be seen. Today, a month after returning I am able to convey my experiences and memories from the tour.

TV Tower

We started with Berlin on the palm. Top TV tower was the first goal. Constructed between 1965 and 1969 in the former East Berlin, 368 meters tall TV Tower is the tallest structure in Germany. Renovated in 2001 but its original character had retained, including an interior deign which remind on, like I somewhere read, "Sixties sci-fi". It was built at a time that was very difficult for the residents of Berlin, but now it's an attraction that should be seen.
From the top of the Tower there is a beautiful view of the entire city. From that perspective Berlin seemed to me like Paris. The ticket for the entrance is 11 Euro, and the rows are long, but on the ground floor there is a vending machine through which you can get a ticket much easier. Unfortunately I saw it after I purchased my ticket.

Brandenburg Gate

Then we went to Pariser Platz situated on the and of a grand boulevard in Berlin, Unter den Linden.
There stands Brandenburg Gate, one of the most significant symbols of Berlin. It was originally part of a wall surrounding Berlin and was the main entrance to the city. It is the only gate that left of the former city wall.
The monumental gate was designed by Carl Gotthard and commissioned by Emperor Wilhelm II.
Gate 65,5 meters wide and 28 meters tall was based on the Propylaea gateway to the Acropolis in Athens.
On the top of Gate there is Berlin Quadriga  one of the most famous modern quadrigas in the world. Designed by Gottfried Schadow in 1793 as the Quadriga of Victory, as a symbol of peace.

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