Saturday, 30 July 2011

Top Hotel Praha in Prague

"Top Hotel Praha"

In Prague I stayed at the hotel "Top Hotel Praha" which is ranked with four stars, a large complex with A, B, C and even more (I don't know) sections. Section "A" was my part of hotel and I can't say that this is such a high quality hotel. Rooms are large but very modestly furnished, bathroom small but clean, but the corridors to the rooms are dirty and worn and so as Restaurant. It makes have the impression that you are not in so high class hotel. I noticed that large groups constantly rotate so that the staff is very busy, but that is not excuse for unkindness. If I had not officially been in the hotel would not have been my choice.The hotel is very far from the center, so to all those who go to visit Prague as a tourists I wouldn't recommend staying here.

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