Friday, 12 August 2011

Pepe Romero, guitar / Zagreb Soloists

Amandus Ivančić:  

String Symphony in G Major

Arcangelo Corelli

Sarabande, Gigue e Badinerie for strings (arr. Antonio Janigro)

Luigi Boccherini

Quintet for 2 violins, viola, cello and guitar in D major, No. 4, G 448
   Allegro maestoso
   Grave assai - Fandango
   Soloist: Pepe Romero, guitar

* * *

Dmitry Shostakovich 

Prelude and Scherzo for strings, Op. 11
   Prelude: Adagio
   Scherzo: Allegro molto

Olja Jelaska

Dubrovnik Siesta – First performance

Jan Sibelius 

Valse triste

Ernesto Cordero

Concierto Festivo, concerto for guitar and strings
   Allegro elegante
   Adagio con passione
   Soloist: Pepe Romero, guitar

Last night in the beautiful ambience of Rector's Palace, the most beautiful concert hall in the world, a concert of Pepe Romero and the Zagreb Soloists was held. I really enjoyed in the first part of the  performance of these excellent artists which I can't say for the second part. 
Their playing in the second part of the concert was impecable, but the program didn't really suit my taste. However during their perfomance I looked around and noticed a very interesting thing. Despite of all of the technological wonders that spoiled us and became something we can't live without, it's impossible to install an air conditioner in such a place so the good old fan was back in use again and not just among the women but men as well. Coool!

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