Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas carol on Christmas Eve

This year a traditional Christmas caroling took place on Christmas Eve again. Mixed Choir Libertas is an active participant in caroling every year. These people managed to keep the centuries old tradition going on and that is a praiseworthy gesture. The songs are preformed in front of the door of sponsors and institutions such as the hospital, nursing home, radio station, Franciscan and Dominican monasteries and finally in front of the city hall at noon. In front of the City Hall the choir meets with Brass band and Folklore Ensemble Linđo and carols to the Mayor. Through these images I'll try to portrait a small part of Dubrovnik's celebration.

Radio station
Nursing home
Franciscan  monastey
City hall
Traditional sweets

And the pigeons just slept through this like nothing in the world is of their concern.

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