Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cheese Cake with Smoked Salmon

When I was in Sweden a few years ago, I had the opportunity of trying a completely different appetizer than  I'm used to. I've already tried salmon prepared in many different ways but I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about combining it with cheese. Thankfully I'm very curious by nature and I like to try new things especially culinary ones ( I often experiment in the kitchen myself) so this was a challenge I couldn't refuse.

This cake looked so irresistible from the outside. I could swear it was a regular sweet cake covered with a ton of cream. I felt an enormous excitement just by looking at my first piece expecting a completely different taste than the one I actually felt. Instead of a detailed description of my "first kiss" with the cake I'm giving you a recipe. I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as me and my family did when we tried it for the first time.


1 packaged bread (preferably the one for toasting)
250g of cream cheese (Philadelphia)
Smoked salmon
Some fresh or dried chives (preferably fresh)
2dcl sour cream
Pickles sliced into thin stripes
Fresh veggies for decoration (exp. fresh cucumber)

Cut the ends of the bread sliced and spread them in a layer on a plate, in a bowl or in a cake mold. Mix the cheese, sour cream and chives together and spread the mixture over the bread. Cover the cheese layer with the smoked salmon and sliced pickles. Continue building as many layers as you want. When you reach the top, cover the entire cake with the remaining mixture and decorate it as you wish. I'll leave the decoration to your imagination :)
Leave it in the fridge overnight and serve cold.

Bon appetit!

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