Thursday, 7 June 2012

Amsterdam part 4.


Today I wanted to show you something really special about Amsterdam and this is how I'm going to end this series. First I'm gonna write about Rijksmuseum. We were among first who managed to get in. Just by seeing its entrace I was seduced for life. Rijksmuseum roughly translated means the State museum, it's been standing there for over 200 years and it's considered to be one of the world's most beautiful and valuable museums. Throughout history it's been through many changes (even today it continues to go through changes). During my stay in Amsterdam the outside part of the building was restored (or something) so I couldn't make a clear/complete photo of it. Still I wasn't really bothered by that, what mattered the most was located inside the museum and that is something so valuable I have to say that he/she who didn't visit the museum didn't experience Amsterdam in full at all. 

After I got out I had the urge of going back in and see the whole thing again. I'm not some fancy art connoisseur, I carry some knowledge from my school days and my own experience, however I know enough to recognize true beauty and this museum will give an overdose of beauty to all of those who love art.
Before I went on this trip I'd read that taking photos hadn't been allowed but boy I was in for a pleasant surprise, we could take photos without using flash, yay!
Well I didn't want to disturb the balance and beauty of this place with the usual tourist flashing, so my photos came out a bit blurry. I think they are able to convey how wonderful this place is, even a little bit.

Famous Rembrandt's Night Watch
Famous Vermeer Milkmaid

My aimless wandering through the city brought me to a part of the city called Jordan. This part of the city made such a huge impact on me I felt like it's actually a city within Amsterdam, filled with coffee shops, stores, galeries and people walking down the narrow streets,crossing the bridges... completely relaxed. There you can find Ana Frank's house and a huge line of people waiting to go in and see it. I didn't really feel like waiting to go in this time so I decided to leave to for my return trip to Amsterdam.

At that moment all I needed to complete my stay here was this relaxing aimless wandering. Consider is as a vacation after a vacation and I loved it, I loved it all. If we forget about those ugly custom formalities from the beginning of the story, Amsterdam is definitely a city you can consider a friend.

Until the next time we meet, goodbye Amsterdam.
Ana Frank house
West Kirk

Beautiful Amsterdam building
Beutiful Amsterdam building
Photos by: ilovetravels

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