Monday, 30 July 2012


Who am I to write about Venice? Enchanted with her beauty and uniqueness I walked the through the streets all day long imagining what was the life like at the time when Venice was created?Mission Impossible! The present is quite confusing, thousands of tourists daily come and go consuming her beauty. It's impossible to see anything in peace in the morning, there are probably a few individual tourists, people usually come in groups and the concentration of humans at one place and at the same time is big. The biggest crowd is at St. Mark's Square, Doge's Palace and around Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs. During our stay the crowd was even bigger because they had a celebration, I think of the armed forces. The entire political leadership of Italy and the many distinguished guests were present. Any way, because of the large groups, in the morning is very difficult to enter into any of most famous sight, but in the afternoon when the crowd reduces all becomes much more easier. So we used the morning to roam around and afternoon for a visits.
Since we were in Venice for the first time we didn't want to burden our stay by visiting a lot museums, more we wanted to enjoy the scene, after all the whole Venice is one large museum.
St. Mark's Square - the heart of Venice. On the square there are Campanile, Pillars of St. Mark and St. Theodore, Torre dell 'Orologio, Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Basilica.

Campanile - from the top of the tower (98.5 m), on which one can ascend with the elevator, spreads the best view of the city and the entire lagoon. Formerly the Campanile served as a lighthouse, watchtower and a prison for the torture. It's difficult to imagine today. Tower collapsed in 1902nd year and was re-erected after its predecessor from the 16th century.

Pillars of St Mark and St Theodore - were placed 1172nd Year. In the past, on that site the public executions were carried.

Torre dell 'Orologio - clock tower in the Renaissance style with two bronze Moors beating the time. During of Epiphany clock shows three kings parade led by an angel.

Doge's Palace - was the official residence of the 120 Doges who ran Venice from 697th Venice to 1797th year. Stylish facade facing the Piazzetta, and an impressive luxurious lodge stands over the arcade made of Istrian stone. In its structure is the Senate Hall, Armoury, Dodge's chambers, prisons .... and the famous Bridge of Sighs that leads from the palace to the prison.

Each convicted person had to pass over the inner part of the bridge and through the stone fence of the bridge for the last time take a look at the beauty of freedom and sigh. Ahhh for the last time, sad!

Basilica of St. Mark's - amazing Byzantine church that dominates the space, richly decorated to show the power and richness of the Venetian Republic. It is the sanctuary of Saint Mark, patron saint of Venice. In the past it served as the Doge's chapel, for the coronation, funerals and processions. Wonderful!

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