Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ponte Rialto - Venice

Ponte Rialto

Here are some facts about the "life" of this famous bridge:
The first dry crossing of the Grand Canal was a pontoon bridge built in 1181. The development and importance of the Rialto market increased traffic on the floating bridge, that's why it was replaced in 1255 by a wooden bridge. The connection with the market eventually led to a change of name for the bridge. During the first half of the 15th century two rows of shops were built along the sides of the bridge. The rents brought an income to the State Treasury, which helped maintain the bridge. Maintenance was vital for the bridge. It was partly burnt in the 1310. In 1444 it collapsed under the weight of a crowd watching a boat parade and again in 1524.
The idea of rebuilding the bridge in stone was first proposed in 1503. Several projects were considered over the following decades. In 1551 the authorities requested proposals for the renewal of the Rialto Bridge, among other things. The present stone bridge was finally completed in 1591. It was made of Istrian stone, its range is 28 meters and height 8 meters.Today it is a very lively place, full of people and small shops.
Crossing this bridge is a unique experience. Crossing this bridge you are crossing over Gran Canale as I told at the beginning.

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