Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy New Year from Paris - Hotel de Ville-City Hall and Centre Pompidou

Hotel de Ville
Hotel de Ville
A little further from Notre Dame church is City Hall of Paris or Hotel de Ville - it's official name. Hotel de Ville is situated near the Seine River. Hotel de Ville is the center of political Paris. A building more looks like a castle than a City Hall. The first time I was there, in the spring, I was surprised that in the front of the powerful political center a carousel was located. But I didn't hesitate, I made one spin. I enjoyed every moment of it.  I felt quite good. This time, since it was winter, ice rinks were placed in front of the City Hall, everything worked full speed, children, adults, music, really funny, and again I enjoyed.I don't know how Parisians look at it, but for us, tourists, it all looks very nice.The next time I have to make one visit the interior of the palace. For now I'm happy with what I saw.

Ice rink
Centre Pompidou
Fountain near Center  Pompidou
Way further led us to the Centre Pompidou. What to say, one so unusual construction of glass and metal, centrally located. The museum was opened in December 1977, it became an instant success although, initially, people weren't thrilled by the construction of such building in the historic district. I find it interesting but....?

Background of the Center
To be continued....

Photos by: ilovetravels

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