Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy New Year from Paris- La Défense

La Défense
The first day of our stay in Paris was truly tiring. After our walk from Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, we caught a yellow line or line number and headed to to  La Défense.

La Défense is a major business district of the Paris. The district is at the westernmost extremity of Paris's 10 km long Historical Axis, which starts at the Louvre in Central Paris and continues along the Champs-Élysées, well beyond the Arc de Triomphe before culminating at La Défense. Around its 110 meter high Grande Arch and esplanade ("le Parvis"), La Défense holds many of the Paris urban area's tallest high-rises.
The first time I was in Paris, I was placed in a hotel in this area. It wasn't difficult to get to the "center" of Paris (it's funny to talk about the center of Paris, because it's a city that has a lot of centers) because the line 1 (one) led and still leading to the most popular places we wanted to visit.
It was Easter time, and from that time I have photos  to compare with these I made recently at the time of New Year's holiday. I must admit that I don't like the new parts of the city, so I wasn't much thrilled by La Défense , but after nearly 8 years I found myself at the same place and I changed my opinion. This time, I saw harmony in this space which I couldn't recognize during my first stay. Perhaps this was result of the night or maybe New Year's decorations, I do not know ....
Here's how La Défense looked decorated  the New Year.

To be continued...
Photos by: ilovetravels

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