Saturday, 31 May 2014

NP Krka

Skradinski buk
I love water and I feel it with all my senses, I love the smell, the sound, the taste of the water, I love to be close to the water.
In the summer I enjoy the sea on my beach in my city, in the spring or autumn or even winter I like to escape to these wonderful places where the water is master and servant at the same time.
After contact with the water I feel reborn.
Last year my husband and I visited the Plitvice National Park, this year we decided to go to the waterfalls of Krka. There is nothing more to tell.
My husband and I passed through this unspeakable beauty, and enjoyed every minute of it without words.
What a relaxation .... what a joy ... revival!
Here's a link if you want to find out more about NP Krka.
and here are my photos.

Photos by: ilovetravels

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