Wednesday, 4 March 2015


I'm kind of confused about feelings to Budapest, I've almost forgot that I was there before I was in London and Prague, and it's only four months ago. Budapest  certainly doesn't deserve that.
The fourth time in Budapest and I still don't have right attitude to this city. It's beautiful, that's not questionable, I am thrilled with it's bridges, squares, particularly with the older part of the city Buda, but still there's a kind of a mess in my head. OMG  I'm stuck with Budapest. Well, let's start with the facts, maybe that will open my mind.

Budapest  is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, as one of the largest cities in the European Union. It is the Hungarian political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation center. Budapest has 1.74 million inhabitants.
Budapest became a single city with its unification of Buda or Obuda on the west bank of the river Danube with Pest on the east bank of Danube on 17 November 1873. The history of Budapest began with Aquincum, originally a Celtic settlement that became the Roman capital of Pannonia Inferior. Hungarians arrived in the territory in the 9th century.
Their first settlement was pillaged by the Mongols in 1241–42. The re-established town became one of the centers of Renaissance humanist culture by the 15th century. Following the Battle of Mohacs and nearly 150 years of Ottoman rule, the region entered a new age of prosperity in the 18th and 19th centuries, and Budapest became a global city after its unification in 1873. It also became the second capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a great power that dissolved in 1918, following World War I.

This was in short about the history of Budapest, and I think that's enough. I took it all from Wikipedia. Long live Wikipedia!

To be continued.....