Saturday, 19 December 2009

Dublin, part 3

Finally, on the day before our departure we went to visit Dublin Castle. It was raining and the castle was not opened yet so we were walking around while waiting for it to open. We have already grown accustomed to the high ticket price so the price of 4.5 € was a pleasant surprise. A friendly lady who was our guide guided us through the history of the castle that was founded in the 12th century, through it's destruction in the fire, reconstruction and finally today when the castle is housing government and president's offices. Very nice and interesting tour.
And what to say at the end? I hope that, my brief experience described through this text and images, will give at least some assistance to all of those who decide to come to this city. Of course there are some sights I wasn't able to visit (this time :) ) therefore didn't mention them in the text. Dublin is a city that is really worth a visit, to see and get to know. Maybe it is not the most richest, I have seen much richer, but its charm will win you over easily, and at the moment of my departure I knew that I'll be back here (hey some things were left to be seen after all ).
Till the next time we meet Dublin !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dublin castle

Dublin castle

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