Saturday, 19 December 2009

Dublin, part 2

When you mention Ireland, everyone thinks of rain and cloudy days, but on our third day we had bright and sunny weather.
The temperature was pretty low, although it was October, so we had to wear warm winter clothes. Because of the fact that many Irishmen we saw were wearing light clothing we couldn't feel like the temperature was merely 5-6°C.
Our first goal of the day was to visit Trinity College, a place that you simply must NOT miss when you visit Dublin

We visited all the outer parts of the complex and finally entered the part that is open to visitors in order to see the famous Book of Kells and a large 250 year old library, an impressive building with over 300,000 books in it.

The second goal was The Christ Church Cathedral. The ticket was 6 € but it was worth every cent however I was impressed by the Churches of St. Patrick. The most interesting story tied to this church is the one about the door of reconciliation. There sou can also visit the grave of Jonathan Swift the father of Gulliver. The ticket is 5,50€.

St. Patrick Church

After we completed all out sightseeing planned for that day, we had the whole afternoon just for wandering around the city. It was the best opportunity to feel the city, to feel the pulse of the crowd of the people who pass through the streets on daily basis. In the evening we went to the Temple Bar area, the most popular part of Dublin which, that gives the impression of merely surviving during the day waiting for evening to be able to come to life.
O'Connell street

Temple bar

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