Thursday, 17 December 2009

Dublin, part 1

Typical excitement before the trip every time feels like first. I love to travel. Arrival at the airport, check in, duty free shops, all those usual formal things dear to me. I love the smell of the airport. Entering the aircraft, take off. So far so good. Flight to Dublin will last about three hours. When you say three hours - a long time and because of that I decided to kill time writing this travel diary. My small team settled comfortably on board, each with their own thoughts and a common one, arriving to Dublin and having fun. Ireland, to us, once a distant land known only as a geographical term, now becomes a reality.

After a successful landing, the customs formalities were quick and successful, we look for a bus that was waiting for passengers in front of airport exit. After not so long drive we arrived at the hotel BLOOMS located downtown in the heart of Temple Bar. Although it was nearly midnight when we entered the hotel, we settled and went outside. After all, it is a part of town that begins to live at that time. Temple Bar, and right in the Temple Bar pub. Beautiful atmosphere, filled with people of good will, traditional Irish music and of course the inevitable Guinness beer. You do not need much to feel as if you always stayed there.

Morning has quickly come. Since we have not had many days ahead, only 4, we immediately went into action. As usual on other trips the best way to gain a first impression about the city I recommend to take a City Tour Hop on - hop off. For 15 € you can ride all day, get in and out on twenty-three key points of the city.

We decided that our first stop is Guinness Storehouse. Tickets from 15 € at first glance may seem expensive, but when you pass the entire drive on 7 floors and on top of the cafe get a pint of beer and overlooking the whole city, you realize that it was worth of every cent you paid.

Guinness Storehouse

View from the top of Guinness Storehouse

Bus stations are marked so you can easily get on where you got off. We agreed to spend the first day tasting the Irish drinks, so our next stop was the Old Jameson distillery.
Distillery is impressive that is not questionable. For the price of 13.50 € you are offered a tour guide. Kind and dear lady guided us through the history of the distillery, the production process to the whiskey tasting. In the end I can say it was a very nice experience.
After mixing alcohol, from beer to whiskey, we had to eat something, and then refresh with one strong coffee at the Cafe en Seine in Dowson Street. The unusually large coffee shop worth mentioning, and every moment spent in it.
After all we were in a need for a little walk so we went to Grafton Street. Beautiful shopping and pedestrian zone. The night slowly approched. Before going to sleep, we went for a walk along the river Leffey. At night the city seems a bit unreal. Walking in silence, my way of relaxation.

Cafe en Seine

Grafton street

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