Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stockholm, part 5

Our departure was coming slowly. These days passed in a moment. Seven days pass so quickly, and to be in Stockholm, and not get a boat ride is a really a sin.
So we decided to get one. Since it was still winter time the boat selection wasn't available to us like it would be in summer time but what we had was more than enough.
It's called Winter tour and it lasted for about an hour and a half

We enjoyed sitting on the deck on fur covered with blankets. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Stockholm, bathed in the sun, shined in its full glory. The whole landscape, which we visited for a short time filled me with peace and a new beauty. A wonderful way to round up this journey.

That one whole day we had left we spent aimlessly wandering in Gamla Stan.
The old part of town, like the name says (Gamla Stan - the old city), is full of buildings of different colors, narrow streets and in each of them you can find some gem of this extraordinary place on earth.

Also the narrowest street only 90 centimeters wide is located here, small private hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes, clothing and footwear shops, in short something for everyone. For me the most beautiful of all was to wander, wander and just wander, aimlessly, without thinking, I simply let the city host, to be my guide through its beauty and I had simply followed without objection and absorbed everything that it offered me.

I must admit this charmer Stockholm seduced me. I will return one day when everything becomes green !!!!!!!!!!! 
See you soon!

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