Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Stockholm, part 3

Going up

After a pretty real "wintery" day, the goddess of spring returned. All the clouds were gone and the sky was blue and sunny again. We went back to the Globe Arena, not for hockey this time, but to see the Arena globe sky view. This very attractive place was opened 2 months before and it was one thing we could not resist. A glass gondola took us right to the top, and right back down and it was one I thing that really made me happy as a child. It felt like conquering the biggest mountain peaks in the world. The view was stretching to the new part of the city and it was fascinating. If you're not interested in the view itself so much, I would still recommend riding the gondola which is very unique and the ticket is included in the Stockholm card.

Going down

Going down and down

Next gondola going up

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