Friday, 27 August 2010

Veliki i Mali Zaton - small places near Dubrovnik

View from the air

Two places connected with a few miles walkway by the coast. Unique bay that is hard to describe with words, an experience worth of seeing live, no matter how far it is from place where you live.
My house is in the center of Dubrovnik in Lapad and so close to the beach that I tend to say that I have a pool in front of my house (you'll see that part of Dubrovnik in one of my following posts I intend to write), but every day I drive with my husband cca 6miles so I could enjoy the beauty of this, truly special place. I will not bother you a lot with the facts from the history of Zaton because I actually know very little of it.

Zaton Mali
In the past Zaton Mali was a favorite place and residence of Dubrovnik's nobility. Summerhouses still stand and testify the life of former times.
There is also a source of  spring water so that at this point of the bay salt and fresh water are mixing.
Old mills, luxury villas and Mediterranean plants, palms, citrus and many more bring joy into the hearts of all those who can recognize the real beauty and unconditionally enjoy in it.
Soline, which were once salt pans, was first mentioned in 13th century and as their owners the first recorded is Lukarević family and later Menčetić family.

Zaton Veliki
There is a parish church St. Stephen from XIV century, with its landscape architecture that church attracts attention. It stands in the shade of pine trees near the forest of pine trees where, even during the biggest summer heat, one could find a pleasant freshness.
Besides Zaton's sunny beaches, special features are hidden coves with perfectly clean water as well. From the top of the forest provides a magnificent
view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands.
The first settlement to the Zaton dates back in far 13th century, since the Zaton its sunny slopes began transforming the olive gardens and vineyards.
Today it is a place whose population are engaged in tourism. They own apartments and rooms for rent but still not on a large scale. That is mainly private accommodation.
Real vacation!


  1. Nice photo reportage! Without any doubt, it was a good choice for an interesting vacation, congrats.