Sunday, 3 October 2010

Santo Domingo, day 1.

Finally we were at the end of a long journey, on a monitor we could see that we were going to land very soon but still there wasn't anything that resembled an airport. A moment later the runway appeared below us. When we touched the ground a few sighs of relief and applause could be heard. While we were getting off the airplane we experienced a real heat shock. It was a feeling like someone pointed a hair dryer into your face. We couldn't breath and it took some time to adapt to this change of climate. Then we moved to something that was supposed to be the airport building but in fact was a large dwelling with no exterior walls and  imposing roof made of a local dried vegetation carefully piled,absolutely no doubt an attractive and low cost air conditioning, completely natural.
We did a customs procedure very quickly. Local musicians and girls in colorful costumes wished us welcome. Then we paid $ 10, nobody knew why, took our luggage, and met with a representative of the agency that sent us into a van that was supposed to take us to the hotel. Another unpleasant surprise followed next, we were told it took 4 hour drive to the hotel, but what could we do? We had to adapt to the situation and let ourselves enjoy truly beautiful landscape of lush tropical vegetation.

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