Thursday, 14 October 2010

Santo Domingo

The idylic scenery stopped the moment when we reached the first settlement of the old dilapidated dwellings composed of various materials made in a way kids make houses when they play . Almost inconceivable that someone can live in them. In front of such houses abandoned children, the occasional stray dog, and teenagers in some old motorcycles could be seen. In the middle of all that dust was a butcher shop. But what a butcher shop, several pieces of meat hanging out at about 40°C without any protection from the dust coming from the dirty road. A sight that really makes you wanna become vegetarian.

After that horrible sight beautiful nature calmed us again. The same kind of villages could no longer surprise us.
What did surprise us were the emerges of luxury buildings among all that  that looked completely different or better say they were intended for a different world. As we were closer to our goal the impression was getting better and better. Finally we arrived to our hotel composed of 20 houses with 7-8 rooms that were very comfortable, air-conditioned and most important of all they had two huge double beds. Haven!
Surprise! At the entrance door we all got a bracelet. We became marked, but it was actually intended to give us access to the entire complex which includes free food and drink and all other services of the complex. We went to the beach in front of the hotel every day, a place that is inaccessible to local people. The sea was so warm that it felt a bit uncomfortable, and we couldn't find any refreshment except in our air-conditioned room or by drinking cocktails or beer.

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