Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dublin 2010

It's been almost two months since I returned from Dublin. I wanted to share some of my memories and experiences from this trip with you but when I tried to put something on screen I felt the writer's crisis. I had so many nice impressions, experiences and I simply couldn’t pull myself together and compose something meaningful. Even now I’m not in a best shape, but slowly I’m returning to myself.
Dublin makes me feel like I'm at home. I feel so nice and relaxed in this city, among these wonderful people, I feel so good and fulfilled and when I walk through the streets of Dublin I feel as I’ve always been there. It's true that this was my third visit to this city, but that certainly isn’t essential for this feeling, the first time I was here I felt the same way. I just love this city and I know it loves me, I love these dear people and they respond with their kindness, laughter, nice words.
For some, to me, unknown reason I feel  strong connection with this country and this city which I can’t logically explain. I was in many other beautiful cities, with even more cultural heritage, but I never had a connection with them like I do with Dublin. I must have been Irish in some of my previous lives. Ha ha ha!
Therefore, I already plan a new visit. That is the only way to cure this nostalgia that I feel every time when I leave Dublin.

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