Thursday, 12 January 2012

Minimundus - Journey around the world in two hours

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While I'm preparing a trip to Amsterdam, which I'm planning for April, I'm trying to recall some of the places I visit on my past trips.
One of them was Minimundus in Klagenfurt where I went seven years ago. O God how quickly the time flew by and the places I managed to visit during that time.....So, Klagenfurt, an Austrian city on the border with Slovenia in the past known as Celovec. I can't remember any important details that I could write about, but there is one place that you shouldn't miss while staying in Klagenfurt and it's called Minimundus.
It's a place that represents the whole world using models of the most known places in the world which makes it an interesting place to visit no matter if you're an adult or a child. I remember, while I was walking through that large park and looking at the world's most important buildings in miniature, saying to myself: "I was there, I have to go there." And trust me some of the idea for my trip came exactly from this place.
I still lively remember while I was watching mini Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona ​​I was thinking: "This is my next destination". And a year later I was in Barcelona.
Minimundus, the miniature world  is a nice place to visit and  learn some interesting things. There are approximately 150 models of famous structures, trains and ships that take visitors on a trip around the world in, as said in title,two hours.  Minimundus  models are constructed  in details on a scale of 1:25  by using original materials, like sandstone, basalt lava or marble. They are created in the Minimundus model workshop, by students or by expert model makers.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona
Acropolis - Athens
Taj Mahal - Agra
Great Wall of China
Statue of Liberty - New York
Petra - Jordan
Eiffel Tower - Paris
Belvedere - Vienna

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