Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lisbon - Fado

I can't describe how happy I was on the day I decided to go to Lisbon. Ireland and Dublin, Portugal and Lisbon; two interesting distant countries, two beautiful cities and lovely, hospitable people.
I'm in love in Ireland but I must say I'm as much in love in Portugal.
I was so exited while I was boarding my plane to Lisbon. I realized that I was going to visit the most  western point of  Europe, wow! During my Lisbon "must see sights list" preparation, one of the first things I had to include was a visit to one of the numerous Fado clubs.

I chose Clube de Fado, located in the oldest part of Lisbon which is considered to be the cradle of Fado, Alfama. I heard that this is one of the top clubs in Lisbon so I made ​​the reservation over the internet.
The flight from Zagreb (via Bologna) to Lisbon took quite a while, cca four hours. When I finally saw the shapes of Lisbon from afar I was happy as a little kid in a candy store. The first thing I noticed was the fortress Belem.
I could not resist and I took some photos from a "bird's perspective". Now, looking at these pictures I remember every step I made on the Lisbon ground and that fills me with great joy.
These pictures will help me remember the my days spent there and help me to write few words about my visit four years ago.
Landing, airport formalities, bla bla you know the drill :) went normal as usual. Buses and taxis are arranged in a line in front of the exit so you can easily pick a way to get to the center of the city. I chose to take the bus which turned out to a good choice because it took me right to the station by my hotel Fenix Lisboa.
At the very beginning I'd like to point out that the taxi in Lisbon is also a good way of transport. Numerous taxi service cars are available to you all day. In fact there are so many that as soon as you raise your hand someone will stop to pick you up. Taxi service seems to be an integral part of the of public transportation. In the days that followed we went by taxi exclusively.
At the hotel it took us short time to settle in. After changing clothes we took a taxi to the Clube de Fado. Fado means destiny. It is a music genre characterized by sad melodies and lyrics usually about life in poverty.
It is extremely popular in Portugal and musicians who perform FADO are real stars.
When we arrived at the Clube de Fado a kind host escorted us to our table. We settled in and ordered a dinner. We wanted to try everything, so we ordered various dishes from appetizers to desserts and of course the famous Portuguese wine. The music started shortly after. They were playing nicely and calm so I let the sounds of their music and the taste of wine carry me to another dimension. The wine, the music, created such a relaxed atmosphere that even after leaving the restaurant I felt like being in a dream that I would never wake up from.
There are moments in our lives that leave a great impact on our soul, our very being and we relive them every time we think or talk about them. For me, this was one of those moments. :)

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