Saturday, 26 May 2012

Amsterdam part 3.

Van Gogh Museum
Entrance to the Museum
The Heinenken Brewery and the Museum District were situated just two tram stops away from our hotel. I must say we really picked the ideal positioned hotel to reach our set goals. We started very early because the queues for the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are usually so huge and if you don't come on time you will probably have to wait for a very long time. The Van Gogh Museum was our first destination. There we were able to see and confirm the usefulness of the tickets bought in advance or the I Amsterdam card. When we arrived there a lot of people, clearly more optimistic than myself, were already standing in a huge queue...and I must add that was before the opening of the museum. However those of us with the I Amsterdam Card got in rather quickly. This Museum contains the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings in the world; from the beginning of his career to the end of his life. The room was huge and beautiful but unfortunately you are not allowed to take any photos of it. It was a unique experience that can't be described. It's one of those places you really need to experience yourselves. Two hours went by very quickly, so we left and went down to a souvenir shop, everyone took a little something to remember this place by and moved on.

Queue to the tickets

Tasting beer
I don't know what was happening to me then but I was dying for some beer so we had to go and taste some Hieneken beer of course. They do not like to call themselves the Heineken Museum but the Heineken Experience. And indeed it is so. They lead you through four levels on a principle: see, hear, taste and enjoy, so that you can truly experience the beer. Sounds weird, yes, but I'm not gonna reveal all the details to you because I really want to encourage you to come here and experience it yourselves. It's super fun!

Heineken Brewery
Entrance to the Brewery
Fun in Brewery
Royal Palace

Madam Tussaud
We continued our sightseeing of the city by visiting the center of Amsterdam, the Dam square. This is the main square and it's situated close to the Central train station. It contains many of Amsterdam's attractions like Royal Palace, the Museum of wax figures Madame Tussauds, Niewe Kerk (New Church) and Amsterdam's famous shopping center Magna Placa where you can shop for many famous world brands. On the square there is a large monument erected in memory of Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died in World War II. I can't really say I was particularly impressed by this place. It's too Crowded, confusing, and quite messy ......for my taste of course.
We wanted to visit the Royal Palace, that hasn't been housing the royal family for a long time but serves as a place for official reception and because of it it's not always accessible to visitors. We were recommended to see it but just at that time it was not opened to the public. It doesn't matter, I'll will return here one day.

Niewe Kirk
Right next to the Royal Palace is the Niewe Kirk. It usually serves as a place for important art exhibitions. This time the exhibition of Jewish heritage was placed. Again we weren't allowed to take any photos but what I've seen there was something completely new and different for me and I loved it so much. Too bad I cannot share this experience with everyone.

Magna Plaza shoping center
Monument to the WW II

Sea Palace 
You can visit many places from dam Square on foot and it's really a pity not to take the opportunity and walk through this city. But if you really don't like walking and want to use the tranportation I really recommend taking the tram. From the square we went to the Sea Palace, a Chinese restaurant on water, which is a kind of attraction. We saw it while we were touring the canals.
Nemo Center
Right next to it there is the Center Nemo, a building that was created in a shape of a ship, a unique place opened in 1997. Usually I don't remember the names of architects, but I heard Renzo Piano's name on my stay in Paris. He designed the Pompidou Center too which I was visited 8 years ago and where I'm going again soon. We were very tired and we went to the hotel for a short rest and then to dinner somewhere.

Just before our hotel there is the Rembrandt's house. My heart couldn't resist it.
In spite of the fatigue I felt I simply had to see this old, narrow, high building where this brilliant painter lived and worked. And I didn't regret. It was worth it!
And that really was the last thing what we saw that day.

To be continued......

Sea Palace Restaurant
View from Nemo Center
Caffe in front of the Rembradnt's house
Photos by: ilovetravels


  1. You live in a beautiful country!

    The Sea palace has a very oriental look; inside and outside.