Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy New Year from Paris

Paris, Paris, Paris, what to say and write about Paris, everything has already been written and spoken, yet everyone experiences it in his own way, and each has its own story. Paris is an inexhaustible source of emotions, a city that can't leave anyone indifferent.

This was my second visit to Paris, and I must admit that this time I experienced it in a much better way than eight years ago during my first visit. Yes, once again I have learned, every city I find better when I get back than it was when I saw it for the first time. City of Light in the New Year time became the City of even greater Light. So many people at one place in the same time I have never seen in my life. Crowds in all directions, endless queues for museums, restaurants, cafes, I had feeling that the whole world moved into Paris those days. Indescribable!

Atmosphere that words can't describe or photo evoke, you should simply be there and absorb it with all your senses. It was a time of special mood, smells and tastes, I don't know how to conjure it, we have done a lot of nice pictures and the picture may speak a thousand words but ...
We settled in a nice quiet part of Paris - Montparnasse (14th arrondissement ), next to the eponymous cemetery. A bit unusual, but we did it, we began to explore the city by visiting the cemetery.

Montparnasse Cemetery - created from three farms in 1824.  is the eternal home of many of France's intellectual and artistic elite as well as publishers and others who promoted the works of authors and artists. There are also monuments to police and firefighters killed in the line of duty in the city of Paris. Because of the many notable people buried there, it is a highly popular tourist attraction. At the entrance of the cemetery there is s map, so you can easily walk through the cemetery, and also on the map you can see which famous person was buried in which part.

To be continued...
Photos by: ilovetravels

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