Friday, 20 September 2013

London 2013 - another day...... British Museum!

British Museum now and ever

British Museum and me today
In the morning, right after breakfast we went to the British Museum. We enjoyed the to drive by the London Double Decker, it's like sightseeing, and so we arrived to our goal. The first time we were in London, I was delighted with the wealth located in this area. I was most impressed by large library, which is located under the glass dome. I wanted to see it this time again but it was closed because of some special exhibition. Never mind, next time! We made a short walk through the museum and went out.It was really a nice weather outside that it was far more enjoyable experience walking around London than go through the
Library 10 years ago
museum and indoor space, especially as I've already seen it. Don't misunderstand me this was my choice then, but I'll be back here again and visit it for sure, British Museum deserves it, that is not disputed.
Egyptian mummies 10 years ago and me
British Museum is established in 1753 with the donation of 71,000 objects from the collection of Sir Hans Sloane and quickly became one of the city's top attractions.British Museum contains a lot of collections but it seems that the Egyptian Collection is a highlight collection. There are many sarcophagi, statues, including an enormous one of Pharaoh Ramesses II, famous Rosetta stone with the text created in 196 BC after the end of the Egyptian dynasties and written in three different writings: Greek, hieroglyphic and demotic.

The British Museum is also known for its very large and popular collection of Egyptian mummies and coffins. You can even find animal mummies here.

under the dome
under the dome
under the dome
Photos by: ilovetravels

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  1. You can see Egyptian mummies in the Museum Louvre also, and Ramesses II II sphinx. But there were so crowd that I can't make sharp photo with them.