Monday, 23 September 2013

London 2013 - another day......!

Trafalgar Square
Nelson' column
After British Museum we went to Trafalgar Square.
It's  the largest square in London considered the heart of the city. At the middle of the square stands a tall column honoring Admiral Nelson.
Name of the square commemorates the victory of Admiral Nelson over the French fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar in October 1805.
There's also the Notional Gallery, which we left for visiting tor the next time, again. We just wanted to enjoyed a wonderful sunny day. It wasn't hot or cold outside, it was actually a perfect day, perfect weather.

National Gallery
Walking slowly over the whole Pa Pall Mall street we arrived at Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace, one of several palaces owned by the British Royal family, is one of the major tourist attractions in London. The changing of the guard takes place daily at 11 o'clock in front of Buckingham Palace.

changing of the Guard
A colorfully dressed detachment, known as the New Guard, parades along the Mall towards Buckingham Palace and during a ceremony replaces the existing, Old Guard. The ceremony, which is accompanied by music played by a military band, always attracts throngs of onlookers.

Pall Mall street
Buckingham Palace
We didn't want to wait for the changing of the guard, we have already seen it when we were here first. We entered and walked through St. James Park and enjoyed it every moment we spent there. What a wonderful day!

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