Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Munich - Olympiapark and BMW

Olympic park
Olympic apark
Olympic park has become one of Munich's major tourist attractions. In 1972 there were held the Olympic games that are unfortunately remained in memory due tragic event,  here were murdered Israeli sportsmen. The site contains an ice rink, an indoor pool, a residential district and student residences and of course the Olympic Stadium, which was the home of the main local soccer team, FC Bayern München until they moved to the futuristic Allianz arena in 2006. The Olympic stadium can seat 80,000. Unfortunately we couldn't make the tour of the stadium, because at that time some kind of horses competition was held, but we took a nice walk through the Olympic
Olympic park
Park to the BMW Museum.
The adventurous can take part in a roof-climb, which consists of a tour on top of the roof covering the Olympic Stadium. Roof covers the Olympic stadium, Olympic Hall and the swimming pool. The roof covering the main stadium consists of a PVC-coated polyester fabric.

BMW towe and museum

The main attraction for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that visit BMW yearly is BMW tower and the bowl-shaped museum next to it. The museum showcases the technical development of cars and motorcycles and also has some exhibits about the history of the company. Many old cars and motorcycles are on display along a spiral ramp that curls along the inside of the bowl-shaped building. I recommend a tour of this vast area to everyone, especially the car lovers. Everything looks powerful!! 

I forgot to say, in the area close to BMW and Olympic Center there's a large shopping center where you can get some rest or buy and eat something.

Photos by: ilovetravels

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