Thursday, 17 October 2013

Munich - Residenz Palace

Here I am back to Munich. Munich is certainly a very beautiful, rich, well-decorated and courteous city. During my short stay in Munich I have seen a lot, in fact I was surprised how much Munich has to show. The most beautiful thing I've seen is certainly Residenz Palace. Munich's Residenz Palace was the official home of Bavaria's monarchs from 1385 to 1918. and it's definitely a must-see on everyone's itinerary. Built in 1385 and known as the Neuveste, the first tenant at the Residenz Palace was Duke Stephan III, who reigned from 1375 to 1392.

During World War II the Residenz was almost completely destroyed but many of the masterpieces inside were moved to a safe place before the bombs hit the palace. Restoration began in 1945. and the palace was reopened as a museum in 1958. Today the Residenz Museum consists of about 120 rooms full of art, furnishings, and other treasures. The Antiquarium boasts dozens of 16th and 17th century frescoes. In the Ancestral Gallery, portraits of the royal Wittelsbach family are set into gilded, carved paneling. Far Eastern porcelain and Oriental rugs can be found in the Porcelain Gallery.

There's also a beautiful court chapel inside the palace, built in 1603 by Hans Krumpper. And one of the courtyards features a colorful grotto decorated with crystals and seashells. It takes several hours to explore the Residenz Palace. I'll show you the photos, but they aren't my best because the interior was quite dark.

Photos by: ilovetravels

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