Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Frankfurt am Main-Wolfgang von Goethe

Walking around the city I've noticed that Frankfurt people are very proud to Wolfgang von Goethe the greatest writer in the German language, who was born in this city.

There is a monument and square,

Birth house:
Goethe was born in this house and spent his youth here until he went to study law to Leipzig. In this house he wrote his famous work "The sorrows of young Werther", work that gave him instant fame in 1774.

and Museum:
Adjacent to  the house is the Goethe museum where you can find a collection of paintings and other art items associated with this art lover.

even a cafe at the airport.
there I drank a delicious cappuccino :D.

I'm gonna take you through Goethe's house and museum through the pictures.
I hope I wasn't boring. Now let's go for a walk through the city! Photos by: ilovetravels

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