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Stroll through the Frankfurt

As usual, and I recommend it to everyone, I took a hotel in the center of the city. Thanks to its central location in three days we toured the city and we didn't have to use public transportation. Everything was within easy reach.
I went to Frankfurt without a lot of preparation, the real task was to familiarize the airport, as I said before, you know, in my last post, then without any obligation stroll around the city.
The only goal was Goethe house, everything else was getting to know to a complete stranger. And Ihaven't regretted it.
At first glance I liked the city, it's not always about architecture, landmarks and so ....
Somehow I felt, maybe it was the atmosphere, like I was home, and that is the best sign that I'm in the right place. So walking through the city we came to Römerberg.


Römerberg is the central and most beautiful square in Frankfurt's Altstadt (Old Town). For most visitors this is the first stop on their trail through the inner city of Frankfurt.


There is the Römer, Frankfurt's town hall one of the city's most important historic buildings. The town hall was originally constructed in the fifteenth century, back in 1908 expanded with the wings.

Bridge of Sighs at City Hall

The east side of the square, opposite the Römer is known as the Ostzeile. This row of six picturesque half-timbered houses are reconstructions of the original fifteenth and sixteenth century houses, most of which were rebuilt or expanded in the eighteenth century. In March of 1944 the whole historic district was bombed including the Römerberg. Some of the historic buildings, like the Römer, were reconstructed soon after the war.

The Ostzeile however wasn't rebuilt until 1981-1983 when the houses were reconstructed following historical models.

Fountain of Justice
Fountain of Justice

The Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice) at the center of the square was built in 1543. The statue of goddess Justitia, holding the scales of justice but without her usual blindfold, faces the Römer.
On this square there is also Alte Nikolaikirche.

Alte Nikolaikirche
Alte Nikolaikirche

It's a small early Gothic church which was possibly built as early as in the eleventh century. In 1290 the small church was promoted to a court chapel for the emperors. In the fifteenth century the church became the official chapel of the city council. A carillon of thirty-five bells chimes every day at 9:05, 12:05 and 17:05.

The most beautiful of all churches in the city is located near the Römerberg square and it is the Kaiserdom.
It's on the Domplatz.


Frankfurt 's cathedral , originally built in the thirteenth century . German kings and the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned in this church from 1356 until the 1792.

Large, impressive, rich Gothic building which houses the largest organ in Germany. The church is named after St. Bartholomew. This church suffered severe damage in World War II as well.

To be continued....
Photos by: ilovetravels

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