Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Shopping in Frankfurt

When we arrived in Frankfurt, while we were passing through the customs, a customs officer asked me the reason for the visit Frankurt and then suggested to the shopping. I was surprised with the question, I must admit. Shopping has never been my goal. However, walking through the city, the center of course, we ran into the shopping area, from huge department stores to chic boutiques. Then it became clear why a customs officer asked me that "stupid" question about shopping.
For more than half of a century, the Zeil is Frankfurt's main shopping district that has been thrilling locals and visitors who enjoy in shopping experiences, the Zeil has something for everyone.


Zailgaleri is located on the Zeil, the Zeilgalerie is equally as renowned for its architecture as for its shops. This shopping center, opened in 1992 has interior floors slope so that a visitor is able to walk to the top of the building without stairs or escalators. Instead, shoppers can get from top to bottom of this modern glass and steel structure via centrally located escalators or a ramp, making it very accessible for the handicapped. This shopping center includes a number of stores peddling electronics and music as well as clothing and is home to several restaurants. A fun to visit rooftop terrace provides a panoramic view of the city.

All this I wrote in several posts is not all that Frankturt offers, this is only a part that I was able to see in three days. I have to mention, before I finish these memories on Frankfurt, that I ate here the best strudel ever, that in Frankufurt I felt really nice all the time and that I carry happy memories from this city and will certainly come back.
I recommend a walk along the river Main.

Goodbye Frankfurt!!!

Photos by: ilovetravels

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