Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bar Brasile - Rome

view from the bar on Pro Patria Monument
As opposed to previous restaurant, this bar was enjoyable experience. We used to come here every day during our stay in Rome. It's located on Piazza Venezia in front of a large Roman monument Pro Patria. After a long walk, and the summer heat made us very, very tired, we enjoyed a cold beer. A waiter was true Italian, dear, polite and always in a good mood. Super!
Ice cream is good. I recommend!

view from Pro Patria Monument on bar :)


  1. I was just in Rome and missed this bar! I'll definitely hit it up when I head back there in October. Any food recommendations?

    1. Unfortunately, we didn't eat there but a little ahead is Cesar restaurant pizzeria and they have very good meals in the daily menus at price of 10 to 16 euros. We ate there but I did't take a picture so I can't write anything about it.