Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rice salad

Recently I saw this recipe of rice, vegetables and cheese and loved it right away. I like to add new things on my every day menu but actually this isn't anything new just arranged in some other way.
I went to the store to buy everything according to the recipe but I didn't find all that was needed so I dared to change things and give to this meal my "touch".

feta cheese
cheery tomatoes
salt, pepper, parsley, olive oil.

Since I stubbornly decided to do this today, and I didn't find the corn, instead I took a frozen mixed vegetables which consists of corn, peas, green beans and mini carrots (I love mini carrots).
I mixed it up all and it turned out to a very tasty salad. This salad can always be served as good a side dish to meat or fish.

Bon appetit!

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