Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sokol grad - Sokol Tower

This fort found itself under Dubrovnik rule in 1420 and was immediately submitted to further construction – rebuilding of certain parts, strengthening of others, arming and general maintenance. This fort survived unscathed the big earthquake of 1667. It is not mentioned in the 1672 archives as a military complex and it was probably abandoned around that time. As was customary in the region, the locals used the stones of the fort to build their homes and smaller walls, so Fort Sokol was heavily deconstructed. The ruins of the fort have been placed under state protection and are maintained in their present condition. This is a bit information I collected and I actually I don't know almost anything about this valuable monument. It was restored and opened to visitors last year.

The first nice, and not too hot, day I chose to visit it and I'm really glad I did it. This is admirable!

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