Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Goodbye Budapest

After visiting St. Stephen's church a walk leads to the Budapest's Champs-Elysees, Andrasy avenue.
Spacious, big, beautiful street, where you can see many famous buildings of Budapest including the Opera House, but also infamous House of Terror of which I do not want to think, just to mention it and that is enough.

On the very end of the avenue there's magnificent Heroes' Square.

Heroes' Square

Budapest's Heroes' Square stands in honor and memory of the great leaders in Hungary's history. Heroes' Square is one of the most-visited attractions in Budapest. Opened in 1896 Heroes' Square is one of the world's oldest monuments and has been declared a World Heritage Site. Heroes' Square is in a way entrance to the beautiful, spacious city park. The square received its current name in 1932, three years after the completion of the Millennium Monument. Since its creation Heroes' Square has been the site of numerous special events. At the center of Heroes' Square stands the Millennium Monument, designed in 1894 by Albert Schickedanz and completed thirtyfive years later. The column is topped with a statue of the archangel Gabriel. Behind the column is a semicircular colonnade with statues of famous men who made their mark on Hungarian history. Around the base of the monument are a number of equestrian statues honoring the seven chieftains of the Hungarian tribes who, led by Arpad, conquered the area now known as Hungary. There're two museums on the square, Museum of fine art wit collection of Europian art and Palace of art mainly used to host temporary exhsibitions.

Budapest's eye

And at the end I have to mantion one interesting fact or novelty, all those who were in Budapest before July 2014, didn't experience driving on the wheel of Budapest or as I call it Budapest eye. It's not as monumental as London eye but it's nice an interesting and you should try.
Vaci street
I almost forgot to mantion Vaci street one of the main pedestian and the most famous street of Budapest. It contains many restaurants and shops, it is Budapest's shopping zone. 
Goodbye Budapest!

City park


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