Thursday, 7 May 2015

The memories of Ireland 2006. - Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a city on river Nore in the South East Ireland, it has about 25.000 citizens and it's the smallest city in Ireland. Kilkenny is very close to Dublin so you can visit it by train, bus or take organizied tour in one of agencies. Kilkenny is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland as well as a weekend getaway for many Irish citizens. The city is also famous for its many mediaeval buildings. Despite its small population, it holds ancient city status due to having a cathedral and an old royal charter dating from 1609. The city centre is known by it's two primary tourist attractions. St Canice's Cathedral and Kilkenny Castle and of course 'its also known for  its Kilkenny beer (smile).

The magnificent Kilkenny Castle overlooks the River Nore and has guarded this important river crossing for more than 900 years. The gardens, with extensive woodland paths, rose garden and ornamental lake, create the setting for a beautiful stroll.
Two wings of the castle have been restored to their 19th century splendour and include a library, drawing room and the noted Long Gallery.

St Canice’s Cathedral is one of the most prominent sights in Kilkenny. Many believe that the construction of the massive Gothic cathedral began in the 1250. and was completed in 1285, but the religious roots of the site extend back to the 6th century, when the Church of St Canice stood here. Over the years, the cathedral has maintained many of its 13th century features despite the collapse of the central tower in 1332 and the overtaking of the property by Oliver Cromwell’s troops in 1650. 
The round tower, thought to have been built in the 9th Century, is the oldest standing structure in modern day Kilkenny City. It is a testament to the ecclesiastical significance of the location, as such towers were constructed to protect people and treasures at major religious sites. It is also one of only two round towers in all of Ireland that visitors are allowed to climb if weather permitting.
From the top of the 30 metres tower, people can take in wonderful views of Kilkenny and the surrounding countryside.  I did it.

Since it was a half-day trip, I didn't have much time to explore the city but I visited the castle and cathedral, I walked the streets of the city even though it was raining and  I enyojed every moment. This little town charmed me.

Even then I told myself I had to go back to Kilkenny.



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