Tuesday, 8 February 2011

30th Anniversary of Mixed Choir "Libertas"

Following up the rich cultural tradition of the City of Dubrovnik, the founding of the Mixed Choir "Libertas" took place in 1980 on the initiative of Mr. Luka Obradović and maestro Ivan Dražinić, The Choir's first artistic leader and conductor of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, with whom the Choir  had a close cooperation from the very beginning.
In 1994 professor Niko Baća took a place of the Choir leader for a short time. Professor Viktor Lenert, who has been in charge for the Choir's artistic leadership since 1995,  enlarged its repertoire, particularly with "a capella" performances.

In recent years the Choir has extensively appeared  in and outside the City. Worth mentioning are the performances at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, guest performances in Sorento and Bari - Italy, Stražnice - Czech Republic and Karasevo - Romania, as well as many appearance at Dubrovnik Summer Festival including the one broadcasted by satellite TV in 1998. Among the Choir's major projects is Cantata "The Eternal City of St. Blaise“ by Pero Šiša, first performed in February 2000. Broadcasted on and recorded for the third program of the Croatian Radio, the piece was also recorded on a CD. The Choir has appeared under the baton of distinguish conductors such as Milan Horvat, Lovro von Matačić, Pavle Dešpalj, Antonio Janigro, Anton Nanut, Nikša Bareza, Boris Papandopulo and Igor Gjadrov, who really appreciated the quality of and collaboration with the Choir.
The music critics have written excellent reviews on the Choir's appearances, accentuating an increasing quality of its musical expression. The Choir's wide repertoire includes the pieces from the classical and secular opus.
These enthusiastic non professional singers hold the 1983 City of Dubrovnik Award as well as the 2000 Dubrovnik-Neretva County Award for promotion its tradition  in the country and abroad.

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