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I can say that I was lucky to visit Bled four times.It was fall during my first three visits and this year I finally saw it covered with snow. It was equally beautiful in "black and white" technique like when it was all "dressed up" in autumn colors. This place calms me and fills me with positive energy. Here my fatigue and bad mood are disappearing and I simply have a need to come here and recharge my batteries.

Bled is encircled by the Julian Alps and natural forests. There is a medieval castle over 1000 years old which stands above the lake. In the center of the lake is Bled Island, a natural island right in the heart of the lake, where stands the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary built in the 15th century. There is a stairway from the base of the lake with 99 steps leading up to the church which is adorned with a 52-meter tower. You can ring the bell in the center of the church. The bell doesn’t ring for everyone; legend has it that, that if it rings for you, while making a wish, it will be granted.

I went to this small island to see the castle during my first three visits. This time, since it was very cold, we didn't dare to go across the lake by boat, although the lake wasn't frozen, or climb to the castle.

I'd recommend anyone to come, at least one time, to Bled, make a complete circle of cca 5 kilometers round the lake, and then, of course, to visit the island and the castle..

The castle terrace offers a breathtaking view of the whole town, lake and island. There is a restaurant inside where you can have a nice romantic candlelight dinner.

And finally go grab a bite of Bled's Rezine (cake )!!!!!

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