Monday, 24 January 2011


Planica is world known ski jump on which every year ski flying competition is held. According to information I found Planica is the largest in the world.
I do not know the dimensions and I couldn't find it anywhere, but to me it looks huge.We came at a time of preparations for the upcoming competition in March. Looking at it from the frog's perspective I must admit that I was impressed by its size, it's like a giant.I like to watch the jumps on the television and I follow them almost every year, although I'm always afraid of possible falls, fractures and, God forbid death. Of course on television it all seems easier, but faced in live with this giant ..... you know what?  What is a championship, competition,  first, second, third place......they are all champions if we respect the fact that they dared to climb and jump.
I must admit that I wouldn't even walk up and not jump ........uh!!!

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