Sunday, 23 January 2011


Welcome to the Kingdom of the Snow Queen
Mojstrana is a thousand year old village, a village with many typical features of alpine architecture preserved. It is a village in the municipality of Kranjska Gora.
When we arrived to Kranjska Gora, we were told that in  Mojstrana we could see a live Bethlehem Scene. Christmas story, no matter how many times has been told and  all the ways we have experienced it, always awakens attention. And so we went a few kilometers back by car and we didn't regret itEverything was covered in snow. We reached the location where the performance took place by taking the snowy path that was arranged to create the impression of a fairy tale. With the first steps we've entered into a fairy tale, and even long after the show I felt somehow sublime. Everything was known, still each time I live through that story a long lasting impression stays. Those are the moments of a life time, moments to live for. 
These pictures won't transfer the right impression of that magic evening but it is better to experience this wonderful event this way than not at all.


  1. I envied you on your travels around the globe. This place in Slovenia was once where my grandparents had lived before they departed from this world and it's nice to see these photos taken from that place. Thanks.
    Brad Fallon

  2. Thanks for your photos. I have yet to go to Croatia or Slovenia-- looks fascinating there :)
    feel free to check out my travel blog at Rich Trek- Adventure Travel Stories cheers!