Friday, 2 December 2011


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We dedicated our last day in Vienna to walking around without any plans. We went to the city park. You could feel and see autumn on every step and we simply enjoyed this beauty surrounding us without words or any thoughts on what's to come, problems etc. There, there was just Vienna and us.
Walking, having a cake and a coffee, having lunch, walking again...time flies by so fast we didn't even notice the night had already fallen. We arrived to the Hundertwasser house. Unfortunately due to the lack of light the exterior couldn't be seen well so we couldn't take a good photo of it either. It's not a museum so you can't look around inside but it's nice to see it from the outside. Since this time we missed the opportunity to see it we went in a small souvenir-coffeshop and the kind lady in there showed us cca. an hour long movie about the architect Hundertwasser.
Looking back on my experience I'm kind of glad that my "just passing through" visits to Vienna made me want to come here, stay longer and start exploring the city. I'm now convinced that Vienna is a destination that will capture you with her beauty, rich culture, knowledge and will make you come back for more. To that I have to add wonderful and kind residents which is something I wasn't expecting in such amount. Every person we stopped in the street for information was very kind with honest intentions to help you which made this whole experience even better. If I could I would even move here.

Till the next time we see each other, goodbye Vienna!

Gutenberg monument
Church of St. Charles Borromeo
St. Peter's Church
City Park
Johann Strauss monument in the City Park

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