Monday, 5 December 2011

Bruštulani Mjenduli (Caramelized Almonds)

A very simple dessert that gives a nice touch to the festive table. It a great snack for those with a bit of a sweet tooth and simplle to make. I honestly don't know anyone that doesn't like them.

20 decagrams of almonds
16 decagrams of sugar
  6 tablespoons of water
  3,2 decagrams of Vanilia sugar

Put all ingredients in a pot on low heat and constantly stir. Stir constantly! I can't stress enough how important this is :)
At the beginning the sugar will look kinda like flour and as you stir it'll start to clump which will make to stirring job a bit harder. This means your job will soon be over. When the sugar is melted in a way that it forms into brown blobs that stick to the almonds, you're done. Let the almonds cool down and serve in a nice bowl.

                                            Bon appetit!

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