Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mjendulata (Almond loaf)

Here's a cookie recipe from my childhood that is usually prepared during Christmas holidays. These are very simple and delicious biscuits that everyone loves. During the holiday season we all tend to eat too much whether it's sweet, salty or greasy, so by the time the season is over everyone is fed up with food and there's actually nothing left we want to eat. Well these are the cookies no one refuses.

18 dkg flour
18 dkg sugar
18 dkg almond
2 eggs
lemon peel
a bit of baking powder (quantity: the point of the knife)

Beat the eggs and sugar, add flour. Knead on a surface covered in flour and gradually add more flour until the dough has hardened enough to be shaped into thin loaves. Add the whole almonds at the end. Bake at cca 170°C. Be careful not to overdo it, the loaf must remain white.
Cut into thin slices while the it's still hot.

These cookies can be kept long, eventually they become even tastier.
Of course it should be kept in closed box in a dry place.

                                    Bon Appetit!

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